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Welcome to the New Home of the Long Island Tactical Preppers!!! 
We are the group that was once on the site where like minded people uses to meet up!!!

Welcome to Long Island Tactical Preppers: a tactical prepping group. Like many other prepping groups, our primary goals are disaster preparedness and survival! However, we have added a tactical aspect to our prepping approach. As such, we place and elevated emphasis on defending our prepping efforts from those who would threaten our survival and the survival of those we are responsible for. We are looking for likeminded preppers to share their information and expertise in firearms, self-defense, disaster preparedness, wilderness survival, and other topics related to tactical prepping. A strength of this group comes from the strength of our members. Each member will be encouraged to share their information in seminar and applied settings to benefit the other members. "The strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf." Rudyard Kipling


                                           Why a Tactical Prepping Group?

A review of our human history leaves no doubt that unspeakable acts can be perpetrated by ordinary people. Psychological research shows that ordinary people, under the direction of only perceived authority (e.g., Stanley Milgram's Obedience study and Philip Zombardo's Prisioner study), are capable of harming others. (It is important to note that in the Milgram study, no one was actually harmed, but the participants were behaving as though they thought they were actually inflicting harm). Now add actual authority, panic, desperation, duress, indoctrination, and dehumanization, humans are capable of atrocity. Your safety and survival is ultimately your responsibility, so refuse to be a victim and prepare!

Through a personal observation, I will illustrate the necessity of a tactical aspect in prepping as a high priority, not just another item on the "Bug-out Bag" checklist next to the tampons and saline solution. I recently attended a lecture by an individual who appeared on a TV show about Preppers. I found him to be very friendly, and sociable. He was lecturing on "Bug Out Bags" and their purposes and contents. No doubt he did his homework and his knowledge was extensive and thorough. He spent considerable time and money on his gear and that of his wife's and children's gear. He and his family appeared to be well prepared; or were they really?

While listening to his lecture I noticed that his prepping approach to "bugging out," in my opinion, lacked sufficient defensive strategies that would prevent someone else from taking by force, his and his family's bug out bags and leaving them all for dead. In fairness, he may have not been revealing all he does to prep, but it got me thinking nevertheless. During a break, I had the opportunity to ask the lecturer a hypothetical question: "If during a disaster that required he and his family to "bug-out" and he was approached by an individual with a gun who demanded his gear, how would he respond?" His answer confirmed my thoughts on the necessity of a tactical prepping response.

He said if the person was within arm's reach, he would try to disarm the aggressor, but if further away, or if a family member was held hostage, he would have to give up his and his family's gear. He mentioned that once he arrived at his initial bug-out location he would then have the ability to defend himself with a firearm. Once again, in my opinion, this part of his plan is left too much to chance and is too risky. In fairness, his current geographical/political location does make it difficult for him to own a firearm, but it is not necessarily impossible.

This situation is so wrong for a number of reasons. First, now he and his family are in grave danger. Second, they are now the victims of a crime, likely without any legal recourse. Third, all the time, money, and effort he invested in prepping for a bug-out is all for nothing. Fourth, his family's safety is left up to chance, and the whim of the aggressive individual. He prepped for a disaster, but not for the disaster of having his prepping gear taken from him by force by someone who failed to prep, became desperate, and resorted to robbery. I thought to myself: there has to be a better way! There is: Tactical Prepping!
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